Chrome Trim Restoration

Chrome trim and moulding can become pitted,

flaked and rusted over time, making your car

look older than it actually is.

Don’t waste your time and money trying to

replace or restore it yourself.

Renewcar’s innovative chrome

renewal system will make it just like new.

We will clean your chrome trim on Car for good !

Why Does Chrome Plating Deteriorate Over Time?

You can often see chrome on modern cars, and it has a wide range of benefits. Not only does it look high-end, but it is easy to clean, repels dust and will protect your car from rust.

However, like all things, chrome does not last forever.When chrome is damaged by scratches and dents, the metal underneath reacts to moisture and oxygen in the air, resulting in oxidisation.

This causes unattractive discolouration, flaking and pitting, and can even weaken your car’s metalwork. This can affect any part of your car which is coated with chrome, including:

●     Bumpers

●     Door and window frames

●     Door handles

●     Bonnet and boot catches

●     Headlight housings and rims

●     Grilles and bonnet trims

●     Wheel rims

●     Car badges and motifs

Why renew your chrome trim?

There are a wide range of advantages to clean your chrome trim and plating on car , including:

●     Saving money over replacing the parts outright. If you have an older car, sourcing authentic replacements can be extremely expensive

●     Saving time trying to scrub away the rust yourself

●     Refreshing the look and feel of your car

●     Protecting your car from being damaged and weakened by rust

●     Increasing the resale value of your car

Introducing Renewcar’s chrome restoration service

Renewcar’s unique chrome restoration service can restore your chrome back to its gleaming, glistening former glory.

You don’t need to spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars replacing your chrome parts, or waste time trying to restore them yourself.

Just sit back and let us do the work for you!

Renewcar Exclusive

How Do We Clean Chrome Trim On Your car With Our Renewal Service?

Our chrome restoration service is easy and straightforward.

●      Bring your car into one of our workshops, located across Auckland. Alternatively, we can come directly to your home or place of work

●      We lightly sand the oxidised chrome off your car, removing pitting and staining

●      We then apply our exclusive Chrome Renewal Spray which will recondition and protect your chrome

●      Finally, we buff your chrome to a beautiful shiny finish

●      The whole process takes between 90 to 120 minutes, meaning that you will be ready to show off your bright new chrome in no time at all!

Why choose Renewcar for chrome restoration?

If you need to get the chrome renewed on your car, we’re the experts! Here’s why you should choose us.

Two years of protection in just two hours

Our exclusive chrome restoration technique takes under two hours to complete, and will give you shiny, beautiful results that will last for two years

No preparation needed:

You don’t need to prep your chrome beforehand, just bring your car in and relax while we work our magic!

Our skilled technicians restore up to 99% of your chrome

Our technique means that all your dull, pitted chrome will be replaced by shiny chrome… just like new! We’ve restored chrome parts that are decades old and well as trimmings and fittings on vintage and classic cars

We’re available any time and where:

We have workshops across Auckland and New Zealand. We can also come out to your home or workplace, making it easy and flexible to sort out your chrome detailing

Get the shine back on your chrome today!

Renewcar is the number one chrome restoration specialist in Auckland, helping to bring the shine back to thousands of cars across the region.

If you’d like to find out more about our chrome renewal service or would like to book an appointment, either at our workshop or at a location of your choice, contact us today.

You’re only a phone call or email away from the shiny, bright chrome of your dreams!

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