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Renewcar Workshops are handy not only for the major specialty Headlight Renewal but also useful for bigger jobs such as Steam wash and ceramic coating and Autmotive Blackout.

Book in your car and get the loan car while it is being done.

100% owned by Kiwis, Keeping our New Zealand roads safe and sound As

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Our Mission

Foggy and Oxidised headlights are one of the most common vehicle defects found in New Zealand roads that can bring safety risks.

We want to keep New Zealand roads safe by making sure all vehicles have road-fit headlight clarity and visibility.

Our Aesthetic System also revive old cars to original quality and shines to perfection.

Our Value

We care about safety, aesthetics and the environment.


Our first Renewcar workshop opened in North Shore Mecca of Cars, Wairau Valley of Auckland, New Zealand


With 9 different workshops and mobile technicians throughout New Zealand, 150+ Car dealers and WOF stations are our regular customers. We restored approximately 34,500 Headlight Pairs by far.

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Most of our jobs are from leading car dealers. We will provide mobile service to car yards for convenience and speed.

Renewcar Story

Dedicated to Headlights.

Although Renewcar offers a range of grooming restoration services, our main dish is still the Headlight Restoration.

We want to become the best headlight solution provider in the country so whenever anyone faces an unhappy light then instantly can think of Renewcar.

Word of mouth is our best selling too. We want to make sure everyone is happy with our job so they can become our ambassador.


Renewcar Story

Professional Service

We care about the safety and protection in every job we do. As much as you care for your own car, we will think of it as our own. you can be assured that we will take good care of your car by taking all possible safety measures and protections for tidy and neat job.


Keep our roads beautiful

Join in Renewcar movement by purchasing our service or working with us to keep our New Zealand roads safe and clear.
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